Ecuador the ideal backdrop for your winter adventure

Ecuador Packing List

This list covers most folk's needs. We will be paddling at elevations ranging from 1,800 to 6,000 feet. Off river, a lightweight jacket will keep you comfortable in the upper elevations. If you tend to get cold, pack appropriately. Please use soft luggage for travel.


Land Gear
1 casual shirt
 3 t-shirts
 1 pair shorts
 1 pair long pants
 1 pair shoes
 3 pair socks
 1 fleece jacket
 1 rain coat or umbrella
 personal meds
 1 towel and wash cloth
 bug repellent
 1 dress (optional)
 sunglasses and chums

Other Gear*
 Pepto Bismol
 swim ear
 day pack
 Spanish phrase book
 spare glasses and/or contacts
 camera and film

River Gear to Pack as carry on luggage
 spray skirt
 secure portage-worthy footwear
 2-3 wool/synthetic tops, light to heavy weight
 throw rope

 Additonal River Gear
 2 river shorts / neo shorts
 personal outfitting
 water bottle
 energy bars
small dry bag


*If you are fair-skinned bring zinc oxide for nose and lips and Sun Paws for the back of your hands. To order Sun Paws call The River Store 530-626-3435.


Suggested Readings
Birds of Ecuador
Tropical Nature by Adrian Forsyth and Ken Miyata
Savages by Joe Kane
Amazon Strangers
Panama Hat Trail
Climbing and Hiking in Ecuador by Bradt Publications

Insite Guides to Ecuador/Galapagos
 Lonely Planet Guide to Ecuador
 Running the Amazon by Joe Kane
 Ecuador In Focus
 Wizards of the Upper Amazon
 Conquest of the Incas
At Play in the Fields of the Lord by Matthiessen


We contribute to educational supplies for communities in the areas where we boat. If you would like to contribute further to the education of children in the area of our rivers, donations are welcome.

If you would like to bring children’s clothes and shoes in small sizes, we make this donation to one of the small villages near our put-ins or take-outs at the end of each season.

Email or call us: 866.529.2566 or 530.295.0830

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