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Ecuador River Descriptions

Quijos Valley
Tena Valley


Bridge #2 - Remote, creeky, continuous Class 4- or up, depending on the flows. Confluences with the Cosanga river. From here down it's a bouncey ride with great scenery.
Sardinas to Oyacachi - Class 3+ and up, depending on flows. Playful big-water, drop-pool river sporting one scout/portage, and some of the most beautiful canyons in the country.

Oyacachi to Bom Bon - Class 4- and up, depending on flows. Very similar to the run above, but now the flow as much as doubles. The run sports huge wave trains with one scout/portage. There are columnar basalt canyons that will blow your mind. Here you can relax and enjoy –they are flatwater!
Bom Bon to Salado - Continuation of the theme; Starts as Class 3+/4-, depending on flows. Playful big-water, drop-pool river sporting a couple of scouts/portage, more Class 3 rapids decreasing to Class 1 as the last mile meanders through virgin rain forest with cascading waterfalls.

Oyacachi - Flows into the Quijos above Bom Bon. Continuous Class 4 and up, depending on the flows and how high you go. The run is a bouncy hole-dodger racing out of the Oyacachi Preserve. The scenery, if you remember to look up from the whitewater, is stunning.

Cosanga - Town down - Challenging Class 3 with one portage. Small, intimate and technical.
Lower Run - The Classic! This Class 4 and up run, warms up with a mile of Class 4- before entering the lower canyon. Boat scouting and eddy hopping through a steep, remote, lush canyon with spectacular scenery keeps you on your toes. Here we often see the Andean Cock of the Rock, a remarkable flying flame the size of a rooster!

"Phil and Mary's Ecuador trip were truly a unique experience. Their efforts on the rivers, with the people of Ecuador and their dedication to making the experience user-friendly and educational made my trip unforgettable. I'll be back, and soon!"

- Sam Hass OR



Lower Jondachi/Hollin - Super remote! So much so that we hire porters to carry our boats to the put-in. This outstanding stretch of whitewater is the premier Class 3/4 run! You get two fantastic rivers in one day, surrounded by pure, undisturbed jungle. It combines the pristine big-water drops of the Hollin with the outstanding beauty of the Class 5 Upper Jondachi –without the consequences. It is common to see iridescent blue morpho butterflies the size of your hand. Finish up on the Hollin, a drop-pool, playful run.

Misahualli - Middle and Upper - Many stretches, Class 3+ and up. The higher you go, both water level and put-in, the harder it gets. Small, continuous, intricate rapids in an open canyon. Ideal intro to creeking!

Inchiyaqui - As cool as the name sounds! Low volume, continuous Class 3 creek. Excellent rapids with many optional lines. Catching this run depends on recent, big rains.

Jatunyacu - Class 3 big-water (sometimes Grand Canyon-like) river draining the totally virgin slopes of Cotopaxi Volcano. Much of the play is on the fly. With extra time, it's worth a short drive above the put-in a little to take in views of a pristine, side creek that cascades over granite slabs into the river below.

Piatua – The road keeps opening up, giving us the option of higher put-ins. We now offer 3 stretches of amazing rapids. This is the best Class 4 and 4+ run in the country. Crystalline water quality and incredible granite boulders. Technical, steep and beautiful –California in the jungle!

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